survivor’s guilt

this isn’t really a post for you. because it’s not about you. it’s about the people whose suffering you see, but can’t ease. you watch as pain digs in, and makes itself comfortable and the morphine dangles out of reach. there are demons you can’t battle, and enemies you have failed to defeat. 

so, you stand and you watch. a parent smacks a child, clothes are ripped from a girl whose body feels wrong, a boy loves he whom he cannot, and on the outliers, exist those who have found no space even within the outcasts. pariahs among pariahs. 

you do not fit within those boundaries; you do not understand their pain. but there is a pain of your own. the pain of escaping unscathed- but there are scars everywhere and some days you wake up and the weight of scars presses you downdowndown and there is no way out-

but this isn’t about you. so what do you do when you face a foe and find your strength lacking? what do i do to make it better? how do i help? 


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